He would deserve to be honoured with an Award because he really excels in his work and commitment. 

16/05/2018 - 11:29

It is my pleasure to try and write a personal reference for Kristiaan Polgar. He is punctual, refined, sees every details, wants nothing but perfection. He is a true professional and leaves no room for imperfection. But maybe one would expect this from anyone offering Butler Services. I want to speak out for Kristiaan, for the difference he makes. He is a true gentleman by nature, with a caring and warm heart. He finds genuine pleasure in making people feel welcome and special, and he does so in the most natural way. The secret to his service lies not in the butler suit, but in his character and charisma. Working with him comes with a guarantee of quality, safety and class.

K.M. - Managing Director Retec Instruments - Wetteren (B)