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Valet parking service - Voiturier

The valet parking service ensures a stylish start and end of your event.

Your guests drive in front of the entrance of your event, after which our drivers take over the wheel. They'll park the car safely at a suitable location. After the event, they'll bring your car back in front of the entrance so that your guests can easily leave.

Our parking services takes care of all the details at a reception, a wedding party, a funeral service, a church service or a company event.
Our valet parking service will create the extra experience when visiting a hotel, restaurant, nightclub or casino.

All our employees undergo a intensive training to offer the highest level of valet service. A certified butler will be present at every event to receive your guests in a stylish way.

We provide an valet desk, a key box, umbrellas, traffic signage and parking tickets.

Do you want to give your event the extra touch?

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