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See the world! Many people dream of it. Yet it's not so obvious. Perhaps you don't speak the language or you have little experience with international travel? Maybe the organization of the trip scares you? Well, with the help of our tour guide, you can still make your travel dreams come true.

The tour guide of VIP & Butler Services does exactly what his name suggests: he accompanies you during your trip. It can be an individual trip, a group trip or a business trip. For families, disabled people, executives and staff.

This is of course a customized service. In addition to the guidance, we can also take care of the organization of the trip, the elaboration of the on-site visits, helping to pack the luggage, the airport transport, etc. If you wish, you can almost entrust all the aspects of the trip to your tour guide.

Your tour guide will make your journey more pleasant and safer. This way you can fully enjoy your holiday or business trip.

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