Speaker: Kristiaan Polgar

Speaker: Kristiaan Polgar

Looking for a speaker for your meeting? Original, enthusiastic and extremely practical. At the end of any keynote, Kristiaan Polgar guarantees that there will be days to talk about the recognizable situations and applicable insights and skills.

Be inspired by the passionate keynote speaker Kristiaan Polgar.
He is the founder and driving force of VIP & Butler Services, VIP & Butler Academy and VIP & Booking Services.

Kristiaan Polgar is a speaker who knows how to captivate an audience in a surprising way.
He is a performer who juggles effortlessly with content, entertainment and interaction during his performance.

During his authentic, humorous and energetic performances, Kristiaan takes you into his thoughts and inspires you to look in a different way at things like general etiquette, business etiquette, hospitality and entrepreneurship.
Discover also the wonderful and discreet world of butlers.

With great pleasure he adapts his subjects according to your company, association or meeting.

You want to be inspired by a head butler?

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