Services for hotels, BB's and holiday parks

Services for hotels and B&B's

Do you need professional support or extra staff? Maybe to bridge an unforeseen busy period or to replace temporary staff or to fulfill specific tasks during an event? Flexible, professional help and constructive assessments by certified butlers contribute to the success of your business.

What can we do for you?

You can rely on our experienced people for a few hours or a longer period. The exact interpretation varies in all flexibility according to your needs. Our employees are always polite, friendly, professional and anticipating at every moment.

Among other things for these tasks you can contact us:

  • Opening doors
  • Welcome and accompany guests
  • Collect and coordinate the luggage
  • Loading and unloading suitcases
  • Concierge services such as dry cleaning, theater tickets, taxis, etc.
  • Clarify the operation of the hotel
  • Being the point of contact for the guest
  • Report problems to the technical department
  • Assist with relocation
  • Recommend tourist attractions
  • Provide assistance in case of emergency
  • Offer assistance during evacuation

Mystery Visits and Selected Preferred Partnership

Your business is constantly under the critical supervision of your guests. You and your employees give the best of themselves to serve the guests. Yet it can sometimes go wrong. Sometimes it is difficult to evaluate the service provision objectively and remotely. A Mystery Visit can be very enlightening. It gives you a view of your business through the eyes of your guest.

Our certified butlers are trained to notice every detail with great precision during a Mystery Visit. We help you to get an objective picture of your performance. We help you discover how your team contributes to the overall impression of your guests. We point to missed sales opportunities and identify the needs in terms of training and development of your staff.

Constructive feedback and a valuation program from VIP & Butler Services become your part.

In concrete terms, you can expect the following from us after our Mystery Visit:

  • A complete report from the different departments such as:
    • Reservation
    • Front-office
    • Engineering / Technical department
    • Housekeeping
    • Food & Beverage (restaurant - breakfast - service)
    • General impression
    • An individual interview to discuss all points of the report
    • An extensive overview of follow-up possibilities and coaching programs
    • A "Selected Preferred Partner" wallplate from VIP & Butler Services
    • An annual star rating and award certificate
    • A personal gift voucher from VIP & Butler Services

Looking for help or advise?

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