Sabering champagne

The art of sabering at your party

Sabering champagne

The sabering of champagne, also known as sabrage, is a traditional and ceremonial way to open a champagne bottle. Sabering always impresses and gives a festive touch to every event.

Sabering is a tradition that can be traced back to the time of Napoleon's campaigns. Then the cavalrymen celebrated their victories in this way. Now, of course, it has nothing to do with fighting, but everything with parties. The term saber refers to the use of the 'saber', the saber. In the past, perhaps the blunt back of the saber was used, but now we use a specially designed champagne label.

That's how we come to the technique. Champagne saber is an art. Our professionals have mastered the technique completely. That is necessary, because sabers without knowledge can be dangerous. The pressure on the bottle creates a nice bang while the neck of the bottle with the cork is flying five to fifteen meters away. It goes without saying that we make an attractive ceremony from the sabrage.

A good sabrage means that hardly any champagne is spilled and that the bottle contains a straight cut. Of course, the champagne will taste delicious afterwards.

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