Private chauffeur services

A fleet of luxury cars to bring you safely and in style to your destination

Private chauffeur

As a VIP chauffeur, we are aware that it's important to arrive at your destination on time. In addition, your driver will always be nearby so you don't have to wait for transport. We have a large and exclusive fleet to meet every demand. You can count on us for both domestic and foreign assignments.

Our professional, experienced and certified chauffeurs are always in suit in fully equipped and clean luxury cars. Punctuality, flexibility and unrivaled service are our priority.

If desired, we provide drinks, handkerchiefs, newspapers and magazines.

Transport for artists

Do you have one or more artists who need to be transported?
There is always clear communication in advance with the artist or management at what time and where the artist will be picked up.
This applies to both domestic and foreign assignments.
We have a large and exclusive fleet.
Discover HERE our fleet.

Transportation for DJ's

Belgium is an important DJ and event country. That is why it's important that the transport of DJs to the various events is prepared to the smallest detail.
We make sure that every detail of the rider will be executed so that the DJ is served as expected.

Your own car on holiday?

You don't want to drive a long way to your holiday destination, but you want to have your own car at your disposal? Let us bring your car to the address while traveling comfortably by plane or by train. Your car will be waiting for you at your destination. Do you wish to use the services of the driver during your stay? This is also possible. This way you can fully enjoy your holiday.

After your holiday we will bring your car home safely again.

VIP Close Protection Chauffeur

Is personal safety very important for you? Let yourself be transported both private and business by our close protection driver.

He is the ideal trusted person to apply various security maneuvers with defensive driving style in complex traffic situations. In threatening situations such as aggression, stalking or attempted kidnapping, the security driver controls the following techniques with which he brings the VIP to safety:

  • escape techniques when threatened or threatening situation
  • 180-degree turn
  • brake and cornering technique with increased speed
  • driving with a following vehicle and / or observation vehicle
  • improvisational skills and taking initiatives in risk situations

Learning to escape from threatening situations demands a great physical and mental effort from the driver, in addition to the control of driving techniques. Our drivers have received the necessary training to deal optimally with these situations in order to guarantee your safety.

Are you interested in one of our private chauffeur services?

Let us know your requirements and we'll find you the perfect match