Picnic butler

Pure indulgence

Picnic Butler Service

Away from the world

Picnic is part of a holiday. Just away from the world, in good company enjoying the healthy air and a nice meal. Absolute relaxation!

Especially if you leave the whole organization to the expert hands of a picnic butler. He arranges everything for you. From the grocery to organizing the setting. Would you like to be driven to the picnic area with an old-timer or a limousine? This is no obstacle. Even a themed walk or bike rides are also possible.

In short, he fulfills all your wishes to have an unforgettable picnic experience.

Fully customized and without worries

Our butler takes care of your picnic arrangement completely tailor-made. You want to surprise your loved one with a romantic picnic? Are you planning a summer picnic with friends? Or rather in the evening at a campfire with live music? Do you think of a picnic as the closing of a teambuilding event? Or do you see this as an original family trip?

Everything is possible:

  • Location and planning in consultation
  • Service arranged down to the smallest detail
  • Tailored to your budget
Picknick op een exotisch strand
Picknick in een romantisch bos
Arabische picknick in de sneeuw
Picknick op het dak van de wereld
Picknick in de Alpen
Picknick in het park

Interested in organizing an original picnic moment

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