Household management

A trustworthy person who arranges your household down to the smallest detail

Household manager

Looking for a person who arranges your household?

For those who want a perfectly orchestrated household

Running and organizing a household requires a lot of time. Time that you can save by calling on a household manager or butler. He is a multi-talented, practical person who manages all kinds of tasks in different areas. His activities are by definition aimed at taking care of you. Absolute discretion guarantees your privacy.

Which tasks does the housekeeper take care of?

We divide the tasks of the household manager in modern tasks and traditional tasks.

Among the modern tasks we count the general management of a house or estate and the supervision of other staff members. He fulfills the role of a personal assistant and manages the agenda. He provides chauffeur services and organizes events.

Among the traditional tasks we count the formal table service and the serving of drinks. This includes the management of the wine cellar. Also organizing hunting games and the associated maintenance of the weapons is part of the duties of the household manager. Just like brushing silver and taking care of your antiques and works of art according to the rules of art.

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