Personal service in a discreet and subtle way during your stay in a hotel

Hotel butler

During your stay in a hotel, the butler fulfills the role of personal assistant. From an extensive training in etiquette he always delivers a personal service in a discreet and subtle way. He is always ready to help and to serve you and anticipates to all your wishes and desires.

With what tasks do our butlers support you?

The job description of our butlers in a hotel is aimed of making your stay as pleasant as possible. They leave nothing to chance. This way you only have to enjoy.

The butler welcomes you on arrival and provides a VIP check-in and check-out. He personally guides you to your prepared room and informs you in detail about the facilities of this room. He provides IT support and provides the room in advance with desired infrastructure.

  • Welcome on arrival
  • VIP check-in and check-out
  • Personal guidance and information about the room
  • IT support
  • Preparation room

In addition, the butler will take your suitcases to the room and unpack them. Your clothes will be stored with great care in the closet space and ironed if necessary. So you have a impeccable wardrobe at all times. The manual shoe cleaning service also contributes to this. Before your departure, he will pack your luggage with the greatest attention.

  • Packing and unpacking the suitcases
  • Clothing and ironing service
  • Manual shoe shine service

He serves you breakfast, lunch and / or dinner and helps you with the requested newspapers, magazines and books. With a butler you can also enjoy exceptional luxury such as the bath service where he presents you a luxury bath at the right temperature with the necessary atmosphere elements. From the same spirit of service to the profession, your butler can be reached in the vicinity of your hotel room if desired.

  • Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Provided in newspapers, magazines and books
  • Bath service
  • On request, your butler stays accessible near your hotel room

If you need transport, the butler fulfills the role of private driver. He will take you safely and efficiently to your destination.

  • Private chauffeur

Looking for a personal butler during your hotel stay?

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