Helicopter services

Free as a bird

Helicopter services

Looking for a helicopter for an event, a passenger transport, a photo and film flight or a special transport? We provide these services with various helicopters. Moreover, we arrange the necessary permits with the right authorities to land and take off at a location of your choice. This way you can enjoy in style the benefits that a helicopter offers you in a carefree way.

Air baptism

Always dreamed of a helicopter flight? During an air baptism you and your passengers become acquainted with the helicopter flight during a short but spectacular flight.
A unique experience!

Taxi flights

Do you wish to travel quickly and efficiently? You will be picked up at home or at the company and then dropped off at your chosen location.
Combine comfort and efficiency and travel in all luxury.
Did you know that a taxi flight is 100% tax deductible?

Restaurant flights

You want to go to a restaurant in a unique and stylish way? Our pilot will pick up you and your guests at your home, at the company or at the airport.
You will experience a wonderful flight and land at the restaurant of your choice. This way you arrive in style.

Scenic flights and sightseeing tours

Discover a specific city or place from the air. You and your companions enjoy a fantastic view from the helicopter.
You will never forget this experience.

Interested in a helicopter flight?

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